Welcome to UCD to all new students starting orientation this week. Orientation Week  is the week that will help you become familiar with the campus, you will meet your fellow classmates, lecturers & peer mentors and you will be introduced you to student services, supports and facilities. You will  be welcomed to the University by the President, Professor Andrew Deeks and the Registrar, Professor Mark Rogers.  This is an exciting week for all new students and we hope that you enjoy it. There are plenty of orientation guides around campus all week so don’t be afraid to ask them any questions or simply ask for directions, that’s what they’re there for!!



UCD is a great University, with a real community spirit on campus and our UCD Student Ambassadors have been thinking about what advice they would give to new incoming students to help them settle into student life. These are the top 10 tips;

1.If you get lost, ask for directions. Everyone is really helpful and friendly. There’s no point wandering around wondering where you’re meant to be!

2. Get a student travel card as soon as possible, cheaper bus and Luas prices, it’s a leap card and you get cool discounts as well!

3. Sit beside someone new in lectures every once in a while, it’s quite easy to get talking and getting to know people!

4. Never feel like you’re alone. College can a be a daunting place at times (especially for first years!) but there are supports available. Get in touch with your Student Adviser and/or with the Student Counselling service if something’s getting you down.No matter what it is, personal, financial or academic problem; the advisers are fantastic and so understanding.

5. Go to course nights out and on course trips. It’s a great way of meeting people you might not otherwise get to do so and it’ll be some of the mist memorable parts of college.

6. Ask for your chocolate muffin to be warmed up in the cafés – an experience to be had!

7. Find a society that suits you and get as involved as possible; a society guarantees you like-minded people and friends for life!

8. A great spot for a picnic lunch (and a bit of quiet away from the busy restaurants and cafes) is the ‘secret lake’, a small pond along one of the Woodland walks, located behind the Veterinary Science Building.

9. Make use of the student centre facilities;UCD students can use the UCD Sport & Fitness gym and performance gym, free access to student fitness classes and to changing rooms. You can gain access to the 50m pool and tepidarium area on a pay-as-you-go basis with a charge of €4 per visit (this can be paid at the main reception desk or at the second turnstile via your UCard). This membership is valid for your academic year. It’s a great way to relax before or in-between classes.

10.Get a student bank account set up. There are so many benefits of having one, low interest loans, no fees or charges on transactions and credit card facilities. The bank on the UCD Campus is AIB and they will have lots of promotional offers during Orientation Week, giving away goodies too.