UCD Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholar Andrew who is studying Engineering and 2018 Silver Medallist at the Under 23 World Rowing Championships offers his advice on applying to  UCD’s Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarship

“My tip to anyone thinking of applying to the Ad Astra academy would be to simply be yourself in the application. Try to show the person reading your application that you are passionate about your sport, that you have dreams of someday being at the top and that you have already made strides in achieving this goal.

Don’t doubt yourself or think that you aren’t successful enough. I remember these feeling when I was applying and it almost put me off altogether. The simple truth is, you don’t need to be an Olympic hero or World Champion to earn a spot on the academy. You simply need to show that you are on the path to doing this and have the ambition to achieve it.

As a member for almost 4 years now, the Ad Astra academy has allowed me to bring the professionalism in my sport to a new level, helped me achieve my best in competition and academically and has led me to meet friends I will keep for the rest of my life. Knowing this now, I wouldn’t have ever hesitated and got my application as quick as possible.”

The deadline for applications to the Ad Astra Elite Sports Scholarship is 31st January. For more information the application process click here.