Wow! What a busy day yesterday was. An 8am start for final preparations for Astra Hall, a 9am check-in and set-up for over 100 sports clubs and student societies, before the hall doors ever opened at 10am. There was a constant buzz in the hall through lunch and into the afternoon before the close at 4pm. Even then there was another hour of cleaning and tidying to do before catching up with the normal activities of the day job…

Refreshers’ Day is held every year in the second week of Semester 2, and gives students a chance to reconnect with the societies and clubs they joined way back in September’s Freshers’ Week, and to join more, new and exciting student groups. With hundreds of students welcomed onto the campus early in January of each year as part of the study abroad and semester abroad programmes, Refreshers’ Day is a great big “Fáilte & Welcome to the UCD community!”.

refreshers day 15_draw


The Rugby Club’s tag tournaments and the International Students’ Society weekend trips, Draw Society’s film-making classes, Japanese Society’s Anime nights, the Sub-Aqua Club’s new hobby of underwater hockey, Classical Society’s toga-tying workshops… So much to choose from all in one day!

refreshers day 15_lacrosse

Refreshers’ Day is only a taster for the opportunities that UCD offers its students. Already this week plans are in place for dramsoc’s 24hr musical (yes, your eyes are not fooling you, a musical produced, directed and put together in 24 hours – more on, the famous Jailbreak event in aid of St Vincent de Paul, auditions for the Musical Society’s April musical ‘A Chorus Line’ and UCDSU’s Fashion Show are holding model auditions. The campaign for the upcoming Marriage Equality referendum is launched on Wednesday night, a talk on fostering unity in diversity is being facilitated by the Chaplaincy, and Noel Fitzpatrick (aka The Bionic Vet) visits the Veterinary Society. All this and more in your average week at Ireland’s largest university.

In the wise words the ancient philosophers: “Get Involved”

refreshers day 15_classical

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