Interested in studying architecture in UCD? Here’s a quick run through…

The UCD School of Architecture offers 4 degrees:

You can view our Architecture Course Pathway here.

Quick Facts:

      • The UCD School of Architecture is based in Richview Estate, which UCD purchased in 1980, moving the original school from the Merrion building in Dublin city centre.
        • The buildings were once a masonry boys school (one of 35,000 in Ireland) where students learnt the art of masonry – which is closely associated with architecture. Freemasonry symbols can be seen around the building.
        • The main quad was used for cricket matches and today features lime tree’s planted around its boarders.
        • Memorial Hall was built to commemorate the students who died in WWI and WWII. Today it is a lecture theatre, choral hall and an exhibition space.
      • Facilities offered to Architecture students in Richview and Newstead buildings include design studios, workshops, laboratories, exhibition spaces and an architectural library.
      • UCD Architecture is the only course of architecture in Ireland that is accredited by both the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland and the Royal Institute of British Architects.
      • UCD is the only university offering an undergraduate degree in landscape architecture.

For more information on studying architecture in UCD, check out myUCD.

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