Thinking about studying UCD Veterinary Medicine? Well here’s a quick run down.

UCD currently offers two pathways into Veterinary Medicine – the 5 year entry route that Leaving Certificate students will take, and a 4 year graduate entry program for those with existing college degrees. Here’s an overview of the course.

Some facts about where you’ll study:

  • Main floor consists of laboratories and lecture rooms where students will spend most of their time. We also have a Clinical Skills Laboratory where you can practice day one competencies such as placing IV catheters or carrying out a California Milk Test.
  • The Veterinary Hospital
    • referral service for both small and large animals: primary animal species seen at the hospital include dogs, cats, horses, cows and sheep.
    • approximately 25 senior veterinary academic staff work within the clinical services offered in the hospital; also 22 residents and 9 interns/junior clinicians
    • different services can be broken up into small animal medicine and surgery, large animal surgery, farm animal medicine, herd health and equine medicine. There are also full diagnostic services provided within the hospital from blood work to histopathology to a range of imaging modalities.
  • Only six veterinary schools in Europe are accredited by the AVMA or American Veterinary Medical Association. Graduates from AVMA accredited schools are eligible to apply for a licence to practice veterinary medicine in the US or Canada which obviously gives our graduates some extra opportunities when they qualify. In order to obtain this licence , students have to sit and pass the NAVLE (North American Veterinary Licensing Exam) which UCD’s students have done extremely well in over the years – figures from 2015/2016 show that 87% of candidates sitting the exam passed.

For more information on studying Veterinary Medicine in UCD, check out myUCD.

Why not come on a campus tour of UCD and check out the Veterinary Sciences Centre for yourself – just book in here.