Internships are an important part of student life in UCD and offer students hands on experience working in global organisations while they are studying. UCD International Student Priyanshu explains how the UCD Career Development Network helped him get his dream internship. 

Priyanshu Sharma is a UCD International Student from India

Working in a Research and Development department for a large company has always been my dream. And in February 2018, I finally fulfilled this dream by getting an internship with the leading electrical distributor in Ireland, Glen Dimplex Heating & Ventilation, Ireland.  I joined UCD late doing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and it was thanks to my mentors and the supports in the university that I was able to catch up and they were able to guide me through the process of applying for an internship as part of my degree.

In order to apply for my internship, I needed to create an excellent CV and cover letter. Doing this for the first time can be daunting and I really was not sure of the format, so I decided to book an appointment with the UCD Career Development Network.  The Career Development Network is a career counselling service provided by UCD applying for internships, part-time jobs or even for full time jobs at the end of your degree. When I went there the staff had a look over my first attempt at a cover letter and CV and advised me to make significant changes, based on the employer’s choice or Ireland’s business adaptability. After taking the staff’s advice on my CV and Cover Letter I went away and improved it. Once it was finished I then uploaded them to ‘Career Connect’ (an online portal where we can see all eligible companies offering internships, their expectations, and information about them). A few days later, I was called for my first interview!

Unfortunately, I was not successful at that interview, so I contacted the ‘Career Development Network’ again and this time practiced interviews with them before my second interview call. The internship mentors were very supportive and helped to keep me informed about all opportunities available to me. My second interview was with Glen Dimplex, the world’s largest manufacturer of electrical heating, and this time I was successful!

In the journey of getting an internship, the Career Development Network and internship mentors really helped me to get my first working experience in Ireland. It’s amazing to work in Ireland, and I am really enjoying my time here. If you are studying in UCD I would highly recommend visiting the UCD Career Development Network if you are applying for any kind of job.