Hey there,

My name is Feargal and I’m the Students’ Union President here at UCDSU. What’s the Students’ Union, I hear you say?

Well we’re the body that looks after students and only students. Other parts of UCD (and there are many!) have other responsibilities – Registry, the lecturers, staff, the Student Centre, the Crèche…the list goes on and on.

Your UCD Students' Union Team 2014/15

Your UCD Students’ Union Team 2014/15 – Feargal, Maeve, Anabel and Amy

We’re the only organisation that solely looks out for the needs of students. Every year around March the students of UCD elect their new SU President and sabbatical team and we then look after your needs for the following year.

This may mean fighting on issues such as student fees, accommodation, or dealing with a particular area in UCD that isn’t working properly with students.

The size of the college may be daunting at first but don’t panic –  take it building by building, society by society, club by club. It may take a little while but you’ll find your niche in UCD and you’ll love every minute of it!

The services in UCD have improved hugely in my time here. We have a gym that everyone is entitled to use and a 50 metre swimming pool that only costs 100 euro for the year. As well as the SU shops on campus, for the winter and summer exams the SU supplement the library opening hours by opening up other spaces for those late night crammers.

13515345364_0afd71a47c_oThe SU also provides some vital services that we feel are really good value for money and support you through your time in UCD.


One we’re especially excited about is Clever Cuisine. This service gets you all your meals for the week for the incredible price of 10 euro. Imagine that, for twelve weeks you only need to spend 120 euro! That’s crazy value. If you order takeaway you’ve spent 10 euro already and you feel like crap afterwards!

Another idea we’ve put a load of work into is the Mind, Body and Soul festival. It’s a festival that focuses on the holistic, healthy side of UCD life. We’ve got a load planned for this festival – everything from Lau Gar demonstrations, an Arts & Crafts tent, and even a silent disco!

Mind, Body & Soul

UCD Mind, Body & Soul Festival 2014

We’ve also got the Freshers Ball coming up Wednesday September 10th , which is a brilliant night out! Meet your classmates, friends from home and people you don’t even know here. With some big acts in the pipeline it’s going to be an amazing night.


“How do I get involved in all this?” I hear you say? Well, we want you to run for class rep! The class rep looks after their course for their specific year. This means everything from getting the class hoodies to ensuring that your essays are marked fairly by your tutor or lecturer.

Being a class rep means more than this though. It means you are the go-to person in your class – you make an amazing bunch of friends who are also class reps and you will soon understand the inner workings of UCD. This is invaluable both for your class and for yourself, as you will soon find out what is achievable and what is not, but more importantly what you want to change in the University to make it better for students.

At the end of the day we are simply here to look after you, the students of UCD. No matter how big or small your priorities or problems are (or seem to be), we are here to help.



If you want to get in touch with us about anything at all, you can via the form below: