Commerce Student Ambassador Elizabeth Denton takes a look at some of the ways that students in UCD can occupy their time between lectures

If you ever find yourself on UCD campus with an hour to spend in between lectures, fear not as this is your ultimate guide to making the most of it.

What better place to start than UCD’s award winning gym? With a fifty-metre swimming pool attached (that includes a sauna by the way), it would be a shame not to try it out at least once. An added bonus is you won’t show up to your next lecture smelling like chlorine as the pool uses the latest filtration technology.



If you’re not a fan of swimming, why not try out one of the free gym classes? There’s over a hundred to choose from you’ll always find something that suits your timetable. If you just want to work out, make use of the free personalised training plan that every UCD student is able to take advantage of.

If the gym isn’t your thing, UCD offers 8 kilometres of woodland walks around campus. There are even rumours that you can find a secret lake near one of them.

Woodland walks and lakes

If you don’t fancy moving at all, why not join your friends and sit in one of the many cafes on UCD campus. With at least one in every building, there’s bound to be one with a free seat or type of muffin you feel like. From Starbucks in the Lochlann Quinn Business School to the Poolside Café in UCD Gym, you are always near a café. Not to forget the recent opening of Chopped, you can be healthy and not go near the gym.

With assignments due or midterms are nearby, James Joyce library is always there for you. Coincidentally, the Students Union shop underneath sells coffee. There are also three other libraries on campus in the Health Science, Richview and Veterinary buildings so at least you have choice.

JJ Library

If you were wise enough to join one of the many societies at the start of the year (even if you just did it for the discounts), it is never too late to get involved. Many of the sporting societies have training sessions during the week and it is a great way to meet people and stay fit.

As the hour draws to an end why not chill by the lake and watch the swans with friends. When the weather is anyway warm, this is easily the most popular spot on campus.