Hannah is a student doing graduate research with the UCD Institute of Food and Health. She has just started in September 2018, but she agreed to speak with us about her decision to do postgraduate research at UCD and the application process.


Interviewer (I): What did you study at undergraduate level? Where?

Hannah (H): I studied a Bachelor of Science in Food Science in UCD for my undergrad (just graduated in 2018).


I: What are you doing now?

H: I am doing a Research Masters in Food Science, specialising in Dairy Science. More specifically the science of cheese.


I: What inspired you to go into this area?

H: I really enjoyed all aspects of the food science course, but milk and dairy science was one area I particularly enjoyed. I also realised during my final year research project that research was something I have a keen interest in. So, it was a natural transition for me.


I: Why did you choose UCD for graduate research?

H: I loved my time here at UCD during my undergrad so it seemed like the obvious choice for me. Plus, I knew the lecturers and I knew my way around the lab already which meant it would be a lot easier to settle in.


I: How did you find the application process? Can you give us a brief summary of it?

H: The application for the masters was quite simple. My supervisor advertised the role for a masters student and I jumped at the opportunity. There was an interview with my supervisor and another lecturer which was quite informal, where we discussed what the research was about and why I was interested. I found out soon after that I had it.


I: Did you apply for any grants? When did you start/ How long was the process?

H: No. The research masters is funded by a partnering company so a grant wasn’t necessary. Research masters are usually funded which helps with college fees.


I: Can you apply things your learned in your undergrad to what you are doing now?

H: Yes definitely. I picked up lab skills and knowledge of my research area from different modules in my undergrad. It is a great platform and really prepares you for research at a masters level.


I: What advice would you give to people looking to do graduate research at UCD?

H: UCD is a great place to do research. The staff and other postgrad members of the lab are very friendly and helpful. Research is an exciting area to be involved in and although it is challenging at times it is always rewarding.


I: What are you planning on doing after your research?

H: I have no major plans yet, I am going to focus on my research for now and hopefully by the time I am finished I will have an idea of what I want to do. Although, I definitely plan on doing some travelling.

If you are thinking about studying in UCD at graduate level you can find out more information about our courses here.